What is the general passport photo size ? Can I do passport photo DIY at home? Why can’t the passport photo app work?

Earlier, a Thai student took a selfie with his school uniform on a blue cardboard on floor, and a friend took a photo of him with his mobile phone, it’s really a creative idea! But can we do the passport photo diy at home? Let’s start with the passport photo requirement.

What is the general passport photo size?

Different countries have different requirements for passport and visa documents. In addition to the size of the whole photo, there are specific requirements for head height ratio and pixel size.

If the size of the HKSAR passport photo is 40mm (W) x 50mm (H), the size of the person in the photo should be 32mm to 36mm from the jaw to the top of the head, but the size of the BNO passport is 35mm (W) x 45mmmm (H), the size of the person in the photo should be 29mm to 34mm from the jaw to the top of the head, and the pixels should be not less than 600 pixels wide x 750 pixels high, and the file should be not less than 50KB and not more than 10MB.

Even the print and digital file requirements are different, so it is necessary to understand the requirements of what passport photo you gonna take. In addition, some of the documents require different proofs, such as Mainland Travel Permit need a photo check slip, and a photo gallery stamp for the German passport.

Can I do passport photo DIY at home?

Many people do DIY passport photos at home, standing in front of a white wall and taking pictures with their mobile phones, but due to lighting problems, the light of the portrait will be uneven, so you need to adjust the light level of the portrait first. Secondly, the background can easily appear shaded, so it is best to “recede” when DIY, so that the original background is receded and replaced with all white. There are some Apps would help you, such as “Background Eraser” can help too.

After recede, the portrait is affixed to a white background and then the overall dimming is done. Finally, use Photoshop to cut to the right size, scale, pixel size, file size etc.

Why can’t the passport photo app work?

In recent years, launched a lot of photo apps to help you DIY passport photo, which is very convenient. However, if you apply for a passport, the head height ratio, pixels, file size, and so on, may not be set correctly, because the countries require updating and changing from time to time. So be careful!

Once the passport photo has been taken for ten years, it is better to find a professional photo studio to take the photo. WHY Studio passport is guaranteed to be satisfactory, and you can choose two passport sizes for the price of $158, plus $30 with retouch and digital file, we open until 10pm in Tsim Sha Tsui, reservations are welcome!

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