How to choose CV Photo? Why can’t use passport photo? Cv Photo size, resume photo ideas.

Many people may be used to using a photo as an “Interview Photo” (or CV photo / CV image/ resume photo), but there is actually a big difference between the two!

CV photo / CV image/ resume photo

CV Photo Size

The identification phase has specific sizes and proportions, with some requiring a face share of nearly 4/5, almost invisible. If you have more room for design choices in your resume, setting it as a square or rectangle can break the traditional stereotype.

Shooting Angle

Passport or ID photo requires a frontal photo, with the hair up and the ears exposed. There is no restriction on the image quality, but WHY Studio recommends a slight sideways orientation to enhance the feeling of seriousness and professionalism.

Background color for CV Image

Most of the evidence is white in color. In recent years, grey background is the most popular color, black color also is a good choice too!


You can’t show your teeth and smile when you take a passport photo. But in CV Photo, t is more appropriate to show a friendly smile and enhance the examiner’s impression.

Makeup and Retouching

Passport photo should be close to the original look, only light makeup can be applied, and no excessive retouching is allowed. You can also do thinning, skin repair etc. to look at the person in the best condition.

Before the interviewer meets you, a small resume is the key to making a first impression. Your friendly and natural personality and your attentiveness to every detail will be the key to success in a sea of different people.

How much does it cost to take a professional portrait / CV photo in a studio?

The price is not as high as you might think. Many of the newest studios are around $300-500, including make-up and printing services, which can be used for both resume and Linkedin and social media, so it has become a must-do for many job seekers in recent years.

WHY Studio in Tsim Sha Tsui is only $288, including make-up, retouching and shooting, we want to help you build your professional image whether you are a newcomer or an executive. Contact us for details now!

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