【BNO Renew 2021】BNO Application Requirements, Benefits, BNO photo requirement, BNO renewal countersign

BNO Application Requirements

Anyone who successfully applied for a BNO before 1 July 1997 is eligible to apply for renewal regardless of whether their passport has expired or been lost.

Persons who have never held a BNO or who were born in Hong Kong on or after 1 July 1997 and have not applied for a BNO are eligible to apply for a BNO if their name is listed as “included child” in their parents’ BNO passport.

Benefits of applying for BNO (2021 Enhanced Edition)

Before you apply, let’s talk about why you need to renew your BNO as soon as possible, as it has many benefits.

visa-free country

BNO passport holders enjoy visa-free, visa-on-arrival or electronic visas from over 180 countries or regions around the world, some of which are not covered by the HKSAR passport.

Right of abode discussion

Discussions are underway in the UK for BNO affirmative action, and the bill was passed at first reading on 25 February 2020 if the right of abode is implemented. If the bill passes smoothly, it will mean that Hong Kong residents born in 1997 who did not have a BNO may have the opportunity to reapply for a BNO, and BNO holders may be given the right of abode in the UK as a result of the bill.

low exchange rate

With the recent rapid decline of the pound, the BNO renewal fee is settled in pounds sterling, which has become an incentive for many people to renew their applications.

Difference in treatment

Passports are used not only for entering and leaving the country, but also for requesting assistance in case of accidents at tourist destinations. Recently, a Hong Kong passenger stranded in Peru due to pneumonia had to charter a flight to return to Hong Kong, and paid only £250 (HK$2,400) per passenger for a BNO and $30,000 for a SAR passport.

BNO Renewal short version

Application website: https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports

Upon entering the URL, there will be a series of questions to choose from, generally answered as follows:

1. Do you live in the UK?

Most of the applicants in Hong Kong do not live in the United Kingdom, so fill in 【No】 and select 【Hong Kong】.

2. Date of birth

The date of birth shown on your old passport.

3. Have you had a UK passport before?

If you have a BNO or BN, please select 【Yes】.

4. Is your passport lost or stolen?

If you still have your old BNO, please select 【NO】.

If you have already lost your passport, please fill in “Yes” and cancel your old passport before applying.

5.When was your passport issued?

Please fill in the information in your old passport.

6.  Which is your passport issuing authority?

If you have an old passport with a listed issuer, choose 【UKPA, UKPS, IPS or HMPO】, if not, choose 【Other】.

Reference year and category :

– The old passports were issued before 2003 and the issuer was 【Other】.

– The old passport was issued in 1993 or before and the issuer was 【UKPA, UKPS, IPS or HMPO】.

7. Is your passport damaged?

If not, please fill in 【No】.

8. Do you have any passports from other countries?

Yes, most Hong Kong people have HKSAR passports.

9. Which country were you born in?

Please select 【Hong Kong】.

After completing the online form, the system will inform you of the required documents, the common supplementary documents are as follows:

– Original expired old BNO: If lost, please fill in the “Notice of Loss or Stolen Passport (LS01)”

– Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card: includes colour photocopies of the front and back

– Original or copy of passport other than BNO: For SAR passport, full colour photocopy is required, or choose to send original passport directly

– Proof of valid address: address proof within 12 months showing the applicant’s name, address, place of residence

– Birth paper: Prepare the original birth paper or a color photocopy of both sides

– Colour photocopy of parents’ Hong Kong births on paper

– Countersign

Those who are categorized as “first-time apply” are usually required to submit additional documents, including color copies of personal and parental birth certificates, parental marriage certificates, countersign, etc. If any of the required documents cannot be provided, please provide the reasons in writing to the authorities. The documents should preferably be handed over in one go.

BNO Renewal Countersign/Encounter

Many of you will receive an attachment by email after you have submitted it, and you will be asked to complete the countersignature, but note that not all holders can sign for you.

– Have known the applicant for 2 years or more (excluding family members)

– British, EU, Commonwealth or US passport holders, etc

Professionals such as doctors, accountants, journalists, teachers, etc. (list of qualified professions)

BNO Photo Requirement / BNO passport renewal photo

Size: 35mm x 45mm

Pixel: not less than 600 pixels wide x 750 pixels wide and high

File: Not less than 50KB and not more than 10MB

Background: light grey or white

Shooting Time: one month to shoot

Shooting Notes

–  Do not wear sunglasses or tinted glasses, you must be able to see both eyes clearly

Closed lips without a smile.

– Face should not be covered by hats, hair, etc

– Avoid wearing grey and white, similar to the background

– Do not wear hats or head coverings except for religious or medical purposes

Mailing Guide

Hongkong Post: Special Delivery (2 days arrival) from HK$200; or Ordinary Air Mail with registered post (5-7 days arrival), about HK$50-60

Courier companies: DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc

*It will now take one to two months for the postal service to be affected by the epidemic, and there is an opportunity for couriers to adjust their prices, which have recently been around $500. (Updated April 2020)


Within four or six weeks, the new BNO will be sent back to Hong Kong in two DHL couriers, together with the old passport and related documents previously sent.

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