6 professional portraits tips that you should know. Valuable Professional headshot in Hong Kong.

Professional portraits are vital to creating a good image of you, but to create a matching image to convey your message, there are 6 things to keep in mind when taking a professional portrait:

1. How you look in corporate headshot

No one knows better than you the most beautiful side of yourself, whether the left side of your face or the right side of your face is good, the front or the side, the features on your face such as dimples, large and small eyes, etc. Don’t be afraid to be embarrassed when shooting, just tell the photographer and let him / her match your best angle.

2. Your smile

Many clients take professional photos thinking that a serious expression is best, when in fact a smile or a showy smile is more likely to show your sincerity. Either way, choose the most comfortable way to smile, relax and think about the person or thing that makes you laugh, and always remember that a smile from the heart is what touches the heart!

3. Dressing for professional portraits

If you can’t think of what to wear, you can go back to basic and wear the most classic outfits. Men’s outfits are best chosen in dark colors, such as gray or navy blue, with simple ties and leather shoes; reflective fabrics should be avoided as much as possible, as they look unprofessional. In addition to the executive suit, a solid colored OL top with a blazer is a great choice for ladies to make you look professional and individual, and most importantly BE YOURSELF, pick something that suits your style!

4. Posture for professional headshots

Body language is the key to revealing confidence. Remember to keep your back straight and not bend over when shooting. It’s a good idea to tell the photographer about your profession and company values so they can guide you on the appropriate body language.

5. Hair

Do not dye or cut your hair the day before the shoot, especially for men, freshly dyed hair may look too bright. You should also have your hair styled by a makeup artist before the shoot to avoid untidy hair.

6. Make-up

Your face can be easily exposed under the professional lighting of a studio, so the studio makeup is different from your everyday look, and you are advised to leave it to a professional makeup artist to help you create a professional look. Men can also achieve a natural and concealing effect through makeup, never underestimate the importance of makeup.

Professional portraits are mainly applicable in the business field and help to boost the confidence of potential customers when looking for information about your business online, leaving a professional and reliable impression in the first place.

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