3 Tips you should know for corporate group photo

A corporate group photo (also known as a company group photo/ corporate group portraits) is not a family portrait, it is about the professionalism of the team as a whole and the individuality of each member. For example, the supervisor will be in the middle, sometimes with some suitable chairs as props, while the rest of the team will be staggered back and forth with different positions.

Before preparing for the shoot, we would suggest three areas of attention:

1. Brand image

Teams should first think about their own brand image positioning, in the case of insurance team, for example, whether your team is professional or more approachable, must first let the photographer know, through all aspects of cooperation to create your own image.

2. Structure

After the positioning is clear, the photographer will consider the composition through the number and ranking of the team and arrange the members in suitable positions, each in a different pose.

3. Clothing 

Regardless of your team’s positioning, it will eventually be necessary to unify clothing styles and colors, try to imagine the team each wearing a different color and the combined atmosphere becomes unprofessional. If your team is more professional, it is recommended to wear black formal wear together, or white or light colors if your team is more approachable.

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